The New Era
of Smart Cleaning

Protection from the hidden and the invisible

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular cleaning and disinfection are essential to minimize the transmission risk of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Traditional, manual cleaning protocols alone can no longer provide consistent and effective protection against "hidden" dusts (i.e. pollen, mould) and "invisible" pathogens (viruses and bacteria).

Avalon SteriTech is partnering with SoftBank Robotics to develop innovative products and technologies in the field of cleaning and bio-decontamination, where bio-decontamination capabilities can now be integrated into Whiz, the world-leading autonomous cleaning robot. The 2-in-1 robotic solution aims to complement existing protocols, resulting in higher cleaning productivity and efficacy.

AI-Powered Cleaning and Disinfection

Revolutionary Solution to Biosafety and Hygiene

World-class AI Cleaning and Disinfection
Best-in-class autonomous-driving AI for route design and obstacle avoidance
Vacuum cleaning and disinfection 2-in-1
Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use, Easy to Monitor
User friendly OS allowing for route design and deployment
Check route completion records to provide peace of mind
Dry-mist Spray Technology
Advanced nozzle and pump technology to generate disinfectant particles in dry mist form
High material and electronic equipment compatibility
24/7 Accessibility and Reliability
Consistent performance to prevent human error or spot-cleaning
Optimize operations and workflow with less effort but a better result

Product Features

User-Experience Driven

Easy to Use
Powered by BrainOS®, this product can be used straight out of the box.
Safe and Reliable
Automatically avoids people, obstacles (incl. glass panels), walls, cliffs, and other hazards.
Real-Time Alerts

Notifications can be sent over-the-air whenever cleaning routes are completed, or it needs a hand.
Multi-Angle Coverage
Atomising nozzle can be adjusted to target zone, surface or ground bio-decontamination.
Responsible Spraying

Gambit allows delay time setting and spray duration with its mobile app, preventing excessive use of chemicals.
Integrated Product Design
Cohesive design with Whiz allows for robust durability and seamless user experience.

Science Driven Approach to
Environmental Hygiene

Research Findings

in airborne microorganism in indoor environment. This is supported by the positive correlation between floor cleanliness and air cleanliness. 1
up to
microbial burden eliminated
conducted in SGS simulated environment with comprehensive sampling across ground, table and shelf heights. 2
up to
5400 sq ft
coverage on a single charge
which is more than four and a half badminton courts. 3
powered by BrainOS®, the award-winning commercial robot operating system from Brain Corp., with easy user interface, route design and deployment.
  1. Softbank Robotics conducted research in Tokyo, JAPAN to evaluate the effectiveness of Whiz to clean office buildings. The study was conducted across 116 sites.
  2. Tested by SGS. For details, please refer to SGS Performance Mark.
  3. Disinfection and cleaning time is dependent on route design for Whiz Gambit.

Product Specification

* Specification and/or design details may change without prior notice

Dimension (mm)
389 (L) x 456 (W) x 595 (H)
Gross weight
23.5 kg
Max. pump pressure
2.1 bars
Tank volume
3 litres
Average run-time
1 hour
24 VDC
Rated output
180 W
70 dBA
Dimension (mm)
474 (L) x 455 (W) x 653 (H)
Weight (excluding battery)
30 kg
Vacuum cleaning coverage
500 m²/hour
Continuous operation
3 hours (normal mode)
Battery charging time
4 hours
Max. speed
1.8 km/hour
Rated output
29.4 V/8 A x 2 slots
Safety features
LIDAR, 3D Camera, impact sensor, anomaly detection

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum cleaning and disinfection coverage?
For a fully charged battery, the normal mode for Whiz is about 3 hours and the maximum power mode is about 1.5 hours. Gambit can spray for about 1 hour on a fully charged battery. The maximum area for a cleaning and disinfection route is approximately 5,400 sqft per charge.
How many routes can be saved per Home Location Code? Can a single Home Location Code be used on different floors?
6 routes can be saved per Home Location Code. It is not recommended to use a single Home Location Code on different floors. Please use a separate Home Location Code for each floor.
What safety functions are implemented for autonomous cleaning?
Multiple sensors identify steps, walls, and obstacles. If it comes into contact with an obstacle, the bumper will detect the contact and stop immediately. 
What is the maximum size of waste that can be vacuumed?
A maximum size of up to 3 cm (caliber of the suction port) can be vacuumed. The size of the waste will vary depending on the material of the floor. All vacuumed waste will be accumulated in the dustbag inside the machine. When the dustbag is full, replace it with a new dustbag. The designated dustbag capacity for this machine is 4 litres. Vacuum bags are not reusable, so please purchase as needed.
Can autonomous cleaning and disinfection be done during night time (lights out)?
 Yes, autonomous cleaning can be done in the dark.

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